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GC Stand Alone Version Discontinued

The Gearing Commander Stand Alone Version is NO LONGER offered as donation Thank-You gift !

As of version 5.0 (January 2008) up to version 6.4 (January 2015) site supporters were thanked with access to the install page of the Stand Alone Gearing Commander. The Stand Alone GC could be used without an internet connection, for instance on a race track. It used some Google technology called 'Google Gears' which was deprecated in November 2011 which caused the GC SA only to be available for Windows users which had to use an old browser version of FireFox (3.6.28)  or Internet Explorer 8.
Several reasons caused me to stop providing access to new installations of the GC SA:

  • Not available for Linux or iOs users

  • Installation of a second, outdated and unsecure browser was necessary

  • Very Complicated installation procedure

  • Internet connections nowadays are largely available hence no more need for Stand Alone versions

Development of the SA version had already stopped after version 6.2 but the database of the SA version has been updated until July 1st 2016 (version 6.2.439). All already installed Stand Alone versions will keep functioning OK though. As of 1.7.2016 all access to the install pages for current site supporters has been revoked. Current site supports have been informed of these changes by mail. If you did not receive my mail, please contact me as you probably changed your mail address.

Current users of the Stand Alone GC can still use their already installed version. For them the following Help-pages are available. So if you donated during GC version 5.0 - 6.3 these Help-files apply to you.

If you donated as of GC version 6.4, the information on the following pages  does not apply to you as those site supporters were offered one or more eManuals as a donation reward instead.

GC Stand Alone Help-files for Site Supporters of version 5.0 up to and including version 6.3:

The GC Stand Alone Version, what is it
Install access to the GC Stand Alone
Install on Local Computer
How to use the GC Stand Alone
Update the GC Stand alone database

On July 1st 2016 all access to the GC SA install pages has been revoked.
Existing installs of the GC SA will continue to work OK and automatically be updated to version 6.2.439 when connected to the Internet. In case the current install gets corrupted it can not be reinstalled anymore.

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