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Calculate RPM per gear at 30 Mph in 3 setups

Table "RPM differences due to drive train setup changes" default shows the RPM your bike makes in all gears in 3 setups at a default speed of 50 so either 50 Km/h or 50 Mph, depending on the selected Units. So the initial value is always 50 regardless of the Units but you can change that value of course. Here it was changed to 30 Mph:

It also show the RPM differences between the 3 setups. This is shown in Percent, in the header of the table (here 8.34%).

You can use it for instance to check the impact of changing the final drive on revs at low speed in a specific gear. Many bikes, especialy V-twins, do not run smoothly at low revs. Here you can see that in 3rd gear and custom setup at 30 Mph, you would rev 212 RPM higher as compared to the stock factory setup.

In percent it is a +8.34% change as compared to the RPM when running 30 MPh with Stock setup.

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