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Adblock policy

As this website started as a hobby project and was never intended to make any money, it is being offered for free. However, running the site, searching information on bikes to add, adding the bikes and replying to all kind of technical questions takes a lot of time and also some money for hosting etcetera so I decided to add advertisements to it. Besides incidental donations, the main source of income are these ads.

I know these ads can be annoying and even slow down the website loading but bear in mind the service you are using is totaly free. Now if everyone runs Adblock software the ads will gradualy generate less and less revenues and at some point I will loose interest in offering and maintaining the website.

When we detect that ads are being blocked, a mask is placed over the homepage preventing asking you make sure ads can load properly. At this point you still have access to rest of the site but calculations on the main page are not possible until you enable ads to load.

So please check below list of software, browser settings, browser addon's and even hardware which all can cause the mask to appear. After each step trying to disable the cause of the mask, make sure to reload <Ctrl F5> the Gearing Commander main page.

Please check if all below items and (for testing purposes) turn them off one by one till you find the culprit:

  1. Ad-Block software. Can be part of your anti-virus software and/or part of your browser or an addon to your browser. Please check the FAQ's of these popular Ad-blockers on how to White list the Gearing Commander web site:
    1. AdBlockPlus
    2. uBlock Origin
    3. AdBlock
    4. Kaspersky Anti Banner
  2. Your VPN connection. Please disable completely, at least during testing
  3. Anti-Tracking protection. Is part of your browser (or a browser addon) and can be configured in its' settings. Please check that setting in your browser and set it to less restrictive (or off during tests)
  4. Anti-Virus software may also have ad-block capabilities, try to run GC with your antivirus software (temporarily, say 10 mins) disabled
  5. Malwarebytes Browser Guard Extension. You may have loaded this extension. Check if so and configure it to disable ĎAds/Trackersí setting.
  6. Modern home routers. These may have an option for blocking malicious websites i.e. the 'Unify UDM' router
  7. DNS services. Like these shown here will reroute certain requests that will cause the mask to appear.
    Also check this page on our DNS Sinkhole policy which may also cause a mask to appear.
If you are "not afraid to look under the hood" of your browser, you can check why you may be seeing this mask. Using the browser's development tools will show what is not loaded and why. In most browsers you can use F12 to get to the 'Developer Tools'.
Go the the GC main page, wait till it shows the grey mask, push F12, in the window part that opens, find a tab called 'Network' and select that. Check for options to show like html, css, js and an option 'All' and select that. Now push F5 to reload the GC page and check the Developer window for files which are not being loaded and why. In FireFox it looks like this.

Please contact me if you still have issues white listing the GC web site in your Adblock program. Please specify OS, browser name and version, name and version all browser addon's you are using, name of anti-virus software running and all other security and privacy related software and addons you have running.

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