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To have me add a new bike* to the database, please fill out the form below. All necessary information can be found in the owners manual that comes with the bike or in the service manual.

All fields
are mandatory except the one marked with a red star
*But please also try to find the M.P.RPM (Maximum Power RPM), this is the RPM where your bike delivers the most power. This RPM is often referred to by "Maximum power xxx BHP @ xxxx RPM" and is the RPM present at the top of the power curve. If possible supply the number of chain links and the chain pitch (in mm). If you can't find the pitch, supply chain type (e.g. 520 or 530 etc). Please do not enter multiple bikes in one Add-Bike form, only 1 will be processed.

* Please note that I do not enter 'not factory default bikes' (like homemade builds, transformations, upgrades or conversions) in the Gearing Commander database. These kind of bikes are of little to no value for other Gearing Commander users.

Please fill out all mandatory fields below without using special characters:
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Bike Setup:  Primary
Drive Ratio
Tire Size
Width / % / Rim
M.P.RPM Final Drive Ratio
Front / Rear
Chain or Belt
Pitch mm
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Belt teeth
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existing gears
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Please use your real names.  Requests with obviously made up names will be ignored. Pls do not use any special characters in these 2 name fields and the mail address. You CAN use them in all other fields.
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Just out of interest, what are you doing to your bike and how does the Gearing  Commander help ? 

Bike Brand:  (e.g. Suzuki)
Bike Type:  (e.g. GSX-R)
Bike Version:  (e.g. 600. Do not enter multiple bike versions here.)
Bike Year(s):  (for what period is this data valid, e.g. 2020 or '96-'99)
Manufactured in country:  * (Especially if only produced for local Asian or South American market)

Source of bike data: 


To keep database data reliable I want to verify your submitted data somehow so please supply Internet link to the gearing data if available. If you have an Owner or Service Manual, please scan or photograph (using your cell phone) all these pages:
1. Front cover of manual,
2. Back cover of manual,
3. The page showing for what years or model the manual is valid or if not specified, the page showing when
    the manual was printed or published.
4. All Technical Specification pages
5. If you have a lot of time, please scan or photograph the entire manual .... ;-)
   and mail it  to:
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After sending the request, you will receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link. You must click this link to complete your request.
Please check your Inbox (and Spam) for a mail called 'Your Gearing Commander Add Bike Confirmation link'.

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