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Initial Loading of Gearing Data Explained

Until version 7 of the Gearing Commander, when hitting the 'Load Gearing Button', the same factory Stock data was loaded into all 3 setups. As of version 7 that has changed (only) for the Final Drive data for the Current and Custom setup. The final drive loaded for Current and Custom setup is now based on the Stock Final Drive but already changed with 1 tooth less for the Front sprocket in Current setup and with 3 teeth more for the Rear sprocket in Custom setup.

So on Initial loading of the GC database data using 'Load Bike Gearing'-button, the following Final drives will be loaded:

  • Stock  setup:  Stock Front sprocket and Stock Rear sprocket as specified in the database for that bike
  • Current setup: Front sprocket = (Stock Front sprocket - 1 tooth), Rear sprocket = Stock rear sprocket
  • Custom setup: Front sprocket = Stock Front sprocket, Rear sprocket = (Stock Rear sprocket + 3 teeth)

Example: Loading a bike with a Stock Final Drive of 15 / 36 teeth will result in below shown data in Current and Custom Final Drive:

In Current setup: Final Drive = (Stock Teeth Front -1) / Stock Teeth Rear = (15 -1) / 36 = 14 / 36
In Custom setup: Final Drive = (Stock Teeth Front) / (Stock Teeth Rear + 3) = 15 / (36 +3) = 15 / 39

Why do we load these like this ? Well, these 2 Final Drive changes are the most common ones and will result in more meaningful data in the Gearing Commander tables after the initial load. This way more tables and graphs will show differences instead if the same results in all setup's. By the way, these 2 changes have similar results as for most bikes the following rule of thumb is applicable: "1 tooth less on the front sprocket has about the same effect as 3 teeth more on the rear sprocket".

So we assume that currently on your bike you have already changed your front sprocket to a sprocket with 1 tooth less as the Stock front sprocket. This would result is slightly lower top speed and higher revs but also some more torque.

As a suggested Custom setup, we preload the Custom Final Drive with the Stock Front sprocket but with a changed rear sprocket, having 3 teeth more than the Stock rear sprocket. This is a change that has a similar result as what was loaded into Current setup, slightly lower top speed and higher revs but also some more torque.

HOWEVER......, of course we do not know what you have already done to your bike (Current setup) nor do we know what you intend to do to your bike in (Custom setup) so you are supposed to change those (and any others) fields  to reflect your Current and considered Custom setup.

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