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Calculate top speed per gear using 49 different Front/Rear sprocket combinations

Table "Top speed in Km/h per gear for 49 final drive combinations at M.P.RPM in Custom setup:" default shows the top speed for your bike in Custom setup at M.P.RPM in 6th gear for 49 sprocket combinations.

By clicking the Up and Down buttons, you can 'shift gears' and see the maximum speeds in that gear at Max RPM.
Below the same setup but now in first gear:

The table is based on the Custom settings so if in Custom settings the front sprocket is 15 and the rear is 38, the range of sprocket combinations shown for front: (15-3) = 12  until (15+3) = 18 teeth.

The range of combinations shown for rear will be: (38-3) = 35 until (38+3)= 41 teeth.

So if you want to calculate a sprocket combination that is not in this default range, you need to change the value's of the front and rear sprockets in Custom setup. Lets say you want a stunt bike and also want to see a front sprocket range of 11-17 and a rear range of 44-50. This means entering 14 as a Custom front sprocket and 47 as a Custom rear sprocket. The result will be:

Be aware that these are theoretical (correct) calculations but most bikes will not be able to get to the extreme speeds in their top-gear due to lack of power.

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