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Availability and Support

This Stand Alone Gearing Commander (SA GC) version was offered to Online GC site supporters (of version 5.0 - 6.3) as a Thank-You gift for supporting the GC site and is unsupported. Please also see: No more GC Stand Alone
The Online Gearing Commander version  can be discontinued at any moment. No rights whatsoever can be derived from supporting the Gearing Commander website. With regards to support of the functionality of the website, the Gearing Commander is supported on "reasonable efforts" basis. The same applies with regards to answering technical, gearing related questions.


We are not obliged to actually add any bikes submitted to us. The AddBike option is intended for private (non commercial) persons to request their bike(s) to be added. The number of bikes to be added by 1 requester is limited (t.b.d. when applicable). Multiple requests by commercial companies are open for negotiation.


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