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What's New

Version 7.01.xxx

► When loading the bike data using 'Load Bike Gearing'-button, collapsible with bike info will be opened.
    To draw more attention to specific details or remarks regarding the bike being loaded, the Bike Info collapsible will be     openened automatically when retreiving the gearing data. It can be closed using the 'Bike Info'-button.
► When loading the bike data using 'Load Bike Gearing'-button, Speed table is switched to 'Stock' setup.
    As of version 7, the GC final drive for Stock, Current and Custom is not the same anymore.
    See Loading of Bike Gearing explained To make sure that after loading the Stock data is shown, the setup in table
    'GPS Speed in Mph at RPM in Gear in selected setup' is switched to 'Stock'. You can manually change it again. It is     not switched to Stock when using the 'Load Personal' button.
► The information in the Bike Info collapsible is shown in bold now.

Version 7.0.xxx

► The Gearing Commander can now also process bikes with 7 gears.
    All tables, graphs and calculation have been updated to accommodate 7 gears.
► Collapsible with bike and /or verification info was added.
    A button 'Bike Info' was added to the main page which reveals additional information on the selected bike and/or the
    way the data for it was verified. The shown manuals or specifications are available for site-supporters.
► New Chain Links Calculator for Generic Final Drive was added.
    You can now calculate the number of chain links needed without loading a specific bike by entering the front-
    and rear-sprocket teeth, the chain pitch and the desired sprocket distance.
► The existing part for calculating the sprocket distance of a loaded bike was enhanced.
    For a loaded bike you can now enter the percentage of wear of your current and custom chain which will result in
    more accurate sprocket distance calculations.
► Print functionality was added.
    Now all main page results as well as all graphs can be printed (without printing ads and buttons).
► Loading of initial Current and Custom Final Drive changed.
    Instead of initially loading all the same data in all 3 setup's, as of now, in Current and Custom setup an already
    changed Final Drive is loaded ! See Loading of Bike Gearing explained
► Overall & Total  Ratio Table expanded with Primary, Gearbox and Final ratio and moved to dedicated page.
    The Overall & Total Ratio page now also shows the Primary ratio, the Final drive ratio and the Gearbox ratio for all
    gears and is shown on a dedicated page using a dedicated button on the main page.
► Menu option Help-Info was split up into 2 options; Help and Tech-Info.
    In order to make navigation easier one menu-level was removed and a new option was added at the same level.
► Bug-fixes, updated Help-pages, Frames removed.
    Small (program behavior) bugs were fixed and all help pages were reviewed. Please send improvement suggestions.
    Frames were removed so less redirects and faster loading pages.
► Program optimized for 4 major Browsers
    Gearing Commander is optimized for Chrome 81, Mozilla FireFox 70, Edge 83 and iPad Safari 13 (or higher versions).
► '2Mail-button' to copy manually entered data on main page was removed.
    This functionality was rarely used and the button is replace by the 'Print Results' button.

Known issues and limitations
► The Main page will not render properly in old browsers that do not support HTML5 Grid code. If possible please
    upgrade to the latest version of modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, FireFox or Edge.

Version 6.6.xxx

The Sprockets Diameter graph has been updated to show the Chain- (Cd) or Belt-Diameter (Bd) to check
   whether new sprockets will fit. See Sprocket Pitch- and Chain (or Belt) Diameter graph and
   Chain- and Belt diameter calculations

Fixed determine users county code to set initial Units.

Version 6.2.439 (Stand Alone version only)

The GC Stand Alone version has been Discontinued as of July 1st 2016. See Stand Alone Version Discontinued

Version 6.5.xxx (Online version only)

Gearing Commander has been updated to accommodate Belt drive bikes as well. See Belt Drive calculations.
A graph to calculate and show chain and belt sprocket diameters has been added. See Sprocket Diameters
An Overall and Total Gearing Ratio table is added. Shows effect of changes on overall and total gearing ratio.  
Adblock detection code added in order to keep access to the site free. See Adblock policy.
Charts load automatically now, no need for additional click action.
Donation page updated.
Bug Fixes.

Version 6.4.xxx (Online version only)

The main page now shows if the data for a loaded bike is NOT or PARTLY verified. See Data Verification.
GC Stand Alone version no longer offered as donation reward. See No More Stand Alone Version
Now offering 1 or more eManuals as donation reward. See Owners or Service Manuals as donation reward
Menu options rearranged, some Help pages updated.

Version 6.3.xxx (Online version only)

The old Java Applet news ticker (top of screen) has been replaced with a HTML-only ticker for security reasons.
All Flash graphs have been replaces with new HTML graphs so all browsers can show graphs.
   (No need to install Flash so these charts even show on non-Flash capable hardware.)
Added a 'Cookie Accept page'
New Search GC site page using Google Custom Search
Brushed up pages, Bug Fixes.
Stand Alone Program version will not be updated anymore, it will remain at 6.2.xxx and will still use Adobe Flash
   for the charts so they can be exported and printed. The Stand Alone bike database will be updated until December
   31st 2015.

Version 6.2.xxx

Automatically reloads last main page data on return after navigating away from it (no data loss until browser is

USA users get Units set to "Mph + Inch" default based on their IP address (Online version only). The Stand Alone
   version now remembers Units preference also after closing the browser.
Jump to framed page after clicking direct link to page (i.e. from search engine)
Reduced size of main page for slightly faster loading (using more cached files)

Version 6.1.xxx

Changed main software for display of 3 digits number of bikes in gearing database
Changed Stand Alone Update mechanism, for faster and user dedicated updates.

Version 6.0.xxx

See 6.3.xxx: Turn most result tables in to Flash graphics for a more visual effect !  (needs Adobe Flash v8 or higher)
When using the Stand Alone version, save graphs as PNG, JPEG or Adobe PDF file. (needs free Adobe Flash 10 or higher)
Compare setups easier in graphs per gear for all setups
Create Final drive ratio chart to look for resulting ratio's of sprockets you have lying about and see their effect on
    torque and speed
New Get Started in 3 easy steps popup
New Gearing Basics Help page
New Graph Usage and requirements page
Also the Stand Alone Version updated to version 6.0 with graphs capabilities
Updated calculations so 3-gear bikes can be calculated as well.
Discontinued: Live Titles as introduced in version 4.0.022. Due to to much work for only a few (FF) users.

Version 5.2.xxx

Easy Adjustable M.P.RPM field buttons added to adjust M.P.RPM (and everybody sees it can be changed...)
New Site Support page with country specific settings for language and currency.
Stand Alone version also updated from version 5.0 to 5.2 (Will automatically update when connected to Internet)

Version 5.1.xxx

Adjustable tire circumference field to reflect your actual tire circumference instead of a calculated one
New Google Custom Search field to search either the GC web site or the WWW
Database Error Report with pull down bike selection
Slightly faster loading of main page

Version 5.0.xxx

Gearing Commander now has its own dedicated domain: www.gearingcommander.com !
Blog available for commenting the site  (goto Blog)
Relative Chain Wear Indicator, shows optimum tooth-link combinations (show Help)
New Main Menu with tool tips
Stand Alone Version available; you can use a Local version of the Gearing Commander without an internet
   connection (e.g. on the race track) ! (show Help)
Google search function to search the Gearing Commander Help files and the Internet (show Help)
'Save Personal setup' now also saves 'Units' preference (show Help)
Cosmetic changes, bug fixes

Version 4.1.xxx

For every bike in the preset database, it is now possible to save and load your personal setup data !
Expanded "Top speed - Final Drive matrix with gear select" (for the racetrack) from 25 to 49 setups.
Mailing list with E-mail alert when a new version (database or program) of the Gearing Commander is released
Total number of bikes in the database displayed on main page.

Version 4.0.022

As of this version, the Gearing Commander supports Micro Summaries (Live Titles) as used by Mozilla FireFox 2.0.
    It makes the Bookmark title display the latest bike added to the presets. See example below:


   More info at: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Microsummaries#Using_Microsummaries

Version 4.0.xxx

New "Top speed - Final Drive" matrix with gear select (for the racetrack)
► "Gear - Speed" matrix now switch able for stock, current and custom setup (instead of only current setup)
E-mail form for "Add bike requests" (no client mail program needed)
Copy manual input for stock bike setup to E-mail form (cookies must be enabled)
More obvious input using 3 separate input areas for stock, current and custom setup
More accurate calculations and comparison for stock setup due to these separate input fields
E-mail form for Comments (no client mail program needed)

Version 3.1.xxx

Added "Minimum RPM" input field. This enables choosing a RPM range (minimum - maximum) to
    view resulting speed.

Version 3.0.xxx

Added chain geometry calculations (length, number of links, sprocket center distance)
Besides loading stock data, enter current and custom data
Compare current to stock, current to custom and custom to stock data for both RPM and Chain
Help files added
New pull down menu's to select bike
Layout changed
Added more bikes to the presets

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