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Calculate resulting speeds in Gear - RPM matrix for all 3 setups

In table "Speed in Km/h at RPM in Gear in selected setup: Stock Current Custom " you can read your speed in all gears at several default RPM's between zero and M.P.RPM.

Click a Setup (Stock, Current or Custom) to switch between all three setups and see the resulting speeds for each setup. Just click the words Stock, Current or Custom.

Custom Setup:

Current Setup:

Stock Setup:

In Stock setup your top speed in 6th gear at 10000 RPM was 277 Km/h. In Current setup it is 262 Km/h and in Custom setup it will be 266 Km/h.

Bear in mind that it is very difficult to actually reach the theoretical maximum RPM in the highest gear !
This calculation merely shows the (correct !) speed when actually running the maximum RPM in highest gear. It does not guarantee that your bike can actually reach the stated maximum RPM in top gear. This mainly depends on available horsepower and wind resistance. The wind resistance depends on bike speed, rider weight, rider height, wind speed, wind direction and so on and so on. 

The M.P.RPM in the Gearing Commander database is the RPM when reaching the top of the power curve (Max power @ x RPM) stated by either manufacturer (when available), bike reviews, published Dyno-runs or other sources when available. It is
not the Red-Line RPM !

But since you can change the value of the M.P.RPM field as well, you can enter the RPM you think your bike is making.

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