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Gearing Database Error Report

If you think you found an error in the gearing database, please let me know the details by filling out the form below.
Make sure your report is on any of the Stock setup fields or on the gearbox data as currently present in the Gearing Commander database.

Please fill out all fields and check boxes
  Your First & Lastname:Pls use your real names. Reports with initials or obviously made up names will be ignored !

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  Please specify the bike involved, using the pull down menu below:
   Bike Brand                      Model                   Version / Year

  Please describe which Stock setup or gearbox data field contains the error,
mentioning the current value and the value it should be:

  I will specify the URL with information about the correct data:
I do not have an internet link but I will send an E-Mail containing a scan of at least
     all technical specifications of the bike involved to:
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This Error Report does not report a M.P.RPM or indicated speed error !
 I have read: M.P.RPM discussion

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