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What it does

"Gearing Commander is a tool to calculate the effect of changing various parts of a motorcycle's drive train."

Many motorcycle owners want their bike to behave differently from stock or current setup at certain speeds or RPM. In that case there are several ways to achieve that and one of them is changing the gearing. The Gearing Commander can be used to predict the effect the change will have and thus save you spending money on the wrong parts !

Most common changes people make are different Rear Sprocket, different Front Sprocket, different rear Tire size and different Chain. Besides these you could also change the gearbox ratio's and the Primary Drive Ratio although that takes some "major surgery". The Gearing Commander's database stores all default (Stock) gearing specifications for over 1600 different bikes and uses them to calculate speeds, RPM's, chain length etc. By selecting your bike and changing 1 or more variables you can predict the theoretical outcome without having to spent money on costly experiments !

Gearing Commander saves money :-)

Results are calculated online using stock, factory gear data. You can alter that data to reflect your current and future gearing setup and see the calculated consequences on below mentioned topics !

Using the Gearing Commander you can choose from
different bikes and:

 1. See theoretical top speed of your bike in all gears for chain drive, belt drive and shaft drive bikes.
 2. See effect of sprocket changes on speed at specific RPM
 3. See effect of sprocket changes on RPM at specific speed's
 4. Compare speeds in stock, current and custom setup related to gear and RPM
 5. Compare top speeds in custom setup for 49 sprocket combinations for use on the racetrack
 6. See effect of other rear tire dimensions (for instance wider) on (top) speed and gearing
 7. Calculate Tire circumference for setting of cycle computer
 8. See effect of changes on sprocket center distance (rear wheel travel needed to tighten the chain or belt)
 9. Determine the number of links (new chain length) your chain should be to have a big enough adjustment range
10. Determine the number of teeth (new belt length) your belt should be to have a big enough adjustment range
11. Calculate Links for Generic Final Drive: find #chain links based on sprockets, chain pitch & sprocket distance
12. Decide on whether to have a smaller front sprocket or to have a bigger rear sprocket
13. Determine the optimum tooth-links combination to minimize chain and sprocket wear
14. Turn most result tables into graphs for a more visual effect of the changes
15. In Shift-Speed graph see results of changing sprockets on Shift-Speeds in all gears & setups (Speed range/gear)
16. Create custom Final Drive Ratio Chart which shows the plus or minus effect on Speed and Torque
17. Create Overall Gearing Ratio Table to see effect of sprocket changes on Overall gearing ratio
18. Create Total Gearing Ratio table which shows the effects of a different rear tire size on the Total gearing ratio.
19. Show calculated Chain- (Cd) and Belt-diameters (Bd) in graph to see if sprockets with chain/belt will fit your bike.
20. Print the main page and all graph pages.

All calculations are based on the specific gearing data of a bike either entered by you or loaded from the database. Also all information provided is based on theoretical calculations in optimal conditions and therefore it may differ from reality.

Also speed and RPM calculations depend on the M.P.RPM entered but there is no guarantee that your bike will actually reach M.P.RPM. This depends on the power your bike delivers, the wind resistance and the way it is geared.  As all results are calculated, we do not take any speedometer or rev-counter deviations into account.

So results shown should match your GPS not your speedometer (if  actually running all entered parameters).

Please use all results as guidelines rather than facts !

Gearing Commander is optimized for Chrome 81, Mozilla FireFox 70 and Safari 13 (and higher versions)

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