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Sprocket Combo Speed graph

This graph shows (Top) speeds for 49 sprocket combinations in a chosen gear and RPM.

It shows the top speeds achieved table "Top speed per gear for 49 sprocket combinations....", for all front and rear sprocket combinations in this table, the selected gear and the Custom setup entered M.P.RPM.

On the Y-axis the number of Front-teeth is displayed. For each front sprocket, 7 speeds are displayed on the X-axis, one for each Rear sprocket combination. The chosen gear and RPM are displayed in the sub-title of the graph.

If you want to display (top) speeds in another gear, go back to the main page and change gear to display in this table.
If you want to display (top) speeds at another RPM, go back to the main page and change the M.P.RPM in Custom setup. Then return to this graph. Now if you only want to see say the differences between rear sprocket 36 and 39, you can switch off the others by clicking the legend values like this:

After selecting Gear 1 on the main page, setting Custom MPRPM to 8650 and switching off some rear sprockets, the result looks like this:

You can print the graph by clicking the 'Print Graph'-button. When printed to an installed 'print to pdf'-printer, you can save the graps as a PDF-file.

By hovering the cursor over the colored bars, the rear teeth, the front teeth and the (top) speed are shown.

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