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Entering all relevant gearing data: Change loaded Current settings to Your current ones

After loading the Stock data using the 'Load Bike Gearing' button, almost the same data is loaded in to the Current and Custom setup fields. Only the Final Drive of Current and Custom setup have already been changed for with assumed values.

If your bike is still in Stock setup, that is if you are still running the default tire (dimensions) and the default front and rear sprocket, it basically means your Current setup is the same as the Stock setup.
Hence you need to change the Final Drive of the Current setup fields back the Stock ones.

If not (Stock anymore), change all different fields to reflect your Current bike setup.
Normally you would only change tires and sprocket but maybe your bike had some major surgery and you changed the Primary Drive ratio or the type of chain (pitch) or the number of chain links (or belt teeth)  and maybe you tuned your bike to do an extra 1000 RPM.

Suppose a bike is loaded from the database like with Current Front & Custom Rear already changed from Stock:

As you can see the Current Front sprocket was changed (-1) and the Custom Rear sprocket was changed (+3)
Suppose I'm still using the original Front sprocket but have changed the rear tire to 180/55/17.
In that case I need to change the Current setup like this:

  • a 190/50/17 tire (Stock) to a 180/55/17 tire (Current) and
  • changed the preloaded front sprocket  back from 14 to 15 teeth (as I'm still using the original sprocket):

Next would be to change the settings for the Custom Setup. Click below link for an example.

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