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Below information is not valid anymore and is to be used
by existing Site Supporters of version 5.0 -  6.3 only !

Usage of the Stand Alone Gearing Commander

How it works:

The operation of the Stand Alone Gearing Commander is the same as the Online version. That is because the same interface -your browser- is used. That means no new program is installed, you cannot find it in the list of installed programs in your Control Panel. The principle behind it is that all used pages (URL-links) are made available offline. This is being done using a Google program called 'Google Gears'. (Great name  isn't it ! More info on this: Google Gears )
So dusing the install offline web pages are installed on your computer.

To be able to use the Stand Alone Version you need to install Google Gears (free) and
either 'Internet Explorer 8'  or 'FireFox 3.6.x'.
Do NOT use IE9 (an Up) or FireFox 4 (and Up) as they do not support Google Gears anymore !

If you already using a more recent version of IE (IE9, IE10 or IE11) or Firefox (4 and Up), you can use this workaround:
Install a second browser that still supports Google Gears and the GC Stand Alone Version. If you now are using Internet Explorer 10 and want to keep using it, you can install FireFox 3.6 as well and do not (automatically) upgrade that at all. Same goes the other way around, if you now use Firefox 27 and want to keep using it, you can also install Internet Explorer 8 and do not upgrade that.

You can find a link to Firefox version 3.6.x after logging into the GC Stand Alone install page.
You can find a link to Internet Explorer version 8 after logging into the GC Stand Alone install page.

This Google Gears program you have to install once while using your browser and this program you will find in your installed program list in your control panel (Windows). After this is installed it can be used for all kind of web-sites that have enabled their site to be used Offline.

After installing Google gears you have to 'install' the GC Stand Alone version. All pages needed, files pictures etc are installed on your computer for use without an Internet connection.

How to start the Stand Alone version:

To start the Stand Alone version, only use the favorite or bookmark you created during the installation procedure.
This one is different from the Online shortcut ! The link for the Stand Alone version should be:


How to use the Stand Alone Version:

Like explained earlier, you can use it as if it where the Online version. Also the usage of Personal Setup's (Load and Save) works in the Stand Alone version (provided you have enabled cookies). If you saved Personal Setups in the Online version, you cannot load these in the Offline version (and the other way around). So also in the Offline version you have to save your Personal setups once after which you can load it (in the Offline version) whenever you want.

All functions that need an Internet connection like send Comment or Add Bike are left out of the Stand Alone versions menu obviously.

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