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Gearing Commander Belt Drive Bike Calculations

As of version 6.5.x the Gearing Commander also supports calculations for Belt drive bikes. Before there also were belt drive bikes entered in the database but without the chain specifications as these bikes had belts. Now the GC database also lists the belt details of already entered belt drive bikes. That is if I could find and verify them. For some bikes it is very hard to find the necessary belt details, the pitch and number of teeth. So if you do have these details please send them to me.

Using those belt details, the same calculations regarding final drive geometry (i.e. number of belt teeth and necessary wheel movement), final drive wear and sprocket diameters can be done the same way as for chain drive bikes.

Where necessary the input fields will update with an appropriate text. On the main page the table header texts are also updated upon loading of a bike. Also when loading a different drive type bike, the section deviders, as shown below will change accordingly.

When loading a chain drive bike this will show:

When loading a belt drive bike this will show:

When loading a shaft drive bike this will show:

For Shaft drive bikes no final drive geometry or wear calculations are possible as that is fixed. All other calculations work just fine also for Shaft drive bikes.


As current help files refer to 'chains' and 'links' but are also applicable to bikes with belt, below remark has been added to those Help pages. So where it says 'chain' on such a page you can read 'belt' and the same for 'link' and 'tooth'

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