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How to read the Shift-Speed graphs

In these graphs you can see your speeds when shifting gear at the optimal RPM, initially the M.P.RPM.

  • First you pull up to this RPM in 1st gear and reach speed X in gear 1.

  • Then you shift to second gear and -assuming there are no losses- you hold that same speed but your engine makes less RPM because you are now in higher gear.

  • Now you start to build up the revs again until the Shift-RPM and shift to 3rd gear. And so on...

This is what you see in these graphs. But all of this is theoretically because when you shift gear, you are going to loose some speed. But for comparison between setups, this loss can be eliminated.

So you can see the effect of changing sprockets on the speed range you have in each gear. Changing sprockets does not only change your top speed, it also changes the speed range for each gear.
This speed range is the range from shifting to this gear until shifting to the next gear. This speed range changes when changing sprockets:

In the above graph you shift from 2nd to 3rd gear at 150.4 km/h and from 3rd to 4th at 189.6 km/h. After changing sprockets (from 36/15 to 39/15) the following shift speeds apply:

From 2nd to 3rd at 138.8 km/h and from 3rd to 4th at 175 km/h. So not only will the top speed be lower, also the 'shift speeds' are lower. Of course a better way to influence shift speeds is to change to gear ratio per gear but mostly that is not possible unless you apply major surgery to your gearbox. By changing sprockets it is also possible to change shift speeds and adapt them to the race track circumstances. 

If you want to display the graph at another Shift-RPM range, change the M.P.RPM in Custom setup.

If you want to display these Shift-Speed graphs for other sprockets, go back to the main page and change sprockets as you like in all 3 setups or just in 1 or 2 of them.

You can print the graph by hovering over the graph and right click. When using the Stand Alone version of the Gearing Commander you can save the graphs as PNG, JPG or PDF file the same way.

By hovering the cursor over the intersection of vertical RPM grid lines and the colored speed lines, the corresponding RPM and Speed is shown for that gear.

You can print the graph by clicking the 'Print All Graphs'-button. The 3 graphs will be printed on separte pages. If you select your installed 'print to pdf'-printer, you can save the graphs as PDF-files.

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