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Speed Graphs for 3 Setups

Basically this is a 1 to 1 interpretation of result table " Speed in Km/h related to Gear and RPM in ... setup".
It shows the speed achieved in each gear for the RPM range specified in the Custom setup. Initially this is from 0 RPM to MPRPM.

This is shown in a graph for each setup. In all setups, the RPM range shown is taken from the Custom setting.

If you want to display another RPM range, change the MPRPM in Custom setup and also the Minimum RPM to display in table "Speed in Km/h (Mph) related to Gear and RPM ....". This way you can zoom in on the RPM range you are interested in. Like this:


By hovering the cursor over the intersection of vertical RPM grid lines and the colored speed lines, the corresponding RPM and Speed is shown for that gear.

You can print the graphs by clicking the 'Print All Graphs'-button. Each graph will be printed on a seperate page. If you have installed a 'print to pdf'-printer, you can save the graphs as PDF-files by printing them to that printer.

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