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Below information is not valid anymore and is to be used
by existing Site Supporters of version 5.0 -  6.3 only !

How to install the Stand Alone Gearing Commander version
Only Site Supporters have access to the Stand Alone Version install page !

To be able to use the Gearing Commander on say a race track where there is no Internet connection, you can now install an Stand Alone version on your laptop (or desktop). This Stand Alone version works the same way the normal version does except all the online stuff like adding your bike and sending comments is obviously left out. It also uses the same interface, your Internet browser. The Stand Alone version is not a normal stand-alone program, it uses URL-links that are made Stand Alone available  using a Beta version of a new Google program called 'Google Gears'. This Google Gears program you have to install once. After that you can 'install' the Local version of the Gearing Commander.

Access to the Stand Alone Install page

After we receive your donation of at least  7.50 or the equivalent in your currency you will get an E-mail with an user account and password. This will give you access to the Stand Alone Version Install page which is located at: https://www.gearingcommander.com/wp/

The software used for accessing the install page is actually web-log software by WordPress which has been altered.
So you will see some pages which might seem a little odd, just ignore them.


The first time you will land on your 'Profile' page on which you can change your password and personal details.
(Not that they show somewhere...)   :

  • After changing your password (optional, then skip this step) click 'the 'Update Profile' button.

  • Now you can go to the Installation pages by clicking the 'View site' link in upper middle of the page:

  • The following page will be displayed:

  • Now look under 'Categories' and select "Google Gears Installer". A new page will be displayed

  • Click on the file to download the Gears Installer

  • After downloading, select 'SA Installation' under Categories on the right.


On the right of this page under the tag 'Meta' there are 2 options: Site Admin and Logout.
The first will take you to your Profile and the second is obvious and will log you out.

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