Getting Started in 3 easy steps

  1. First 'Select Bike Brand' in left pull down menu, then 'Select Model' in next pull down, then 'Select Version/Year' in the next pull down menu.
  2. Now click the 'Load Bike Gearing' button. All gearing data is loaded and results are calculated and shown below the input fields. Results will slightly differ between the 3 setups as we have loaded an already changed Front sprocket (-1) in Current and an already changed Rear sprocket (+3) in Custom setup.
  3. Now change Current setup fields (orange) and Custom setup fields (green) to reflect your current and considered gearing settings. Select a field, type new value and press Tab-Key or click on page. Results will update for all related fields.

After each field change, all results in the tables and graphs are recalculated and updated automatically. Click below button to start short instruction video on these 3 steps.

Or see the same video on YouTube

If supported by your browser, you can select from 5 subtitles languages  (en, es, fr, de, and nl). On iPad please make sure to enable Closed Captions in: Settings, Accessibility, Subtitles & Captioning, Select On. Play video full screen and select subtitles.

Please use the Help-pages from the menu for detailed info on specific features.