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Say Thanks to my Wife !

You can of course thank me by making a small donation or by visiting the advertisers websites but it also is very important to keep my wify Heike happy !

As I spent a lot of time working on this Gearing Commander web site she might get bored and unhappy..... To let her know how much you appreciate her understanding the importance of the work I'm doing, you have the chance to send her an E-mail. To make it easier for you I've listed some e-mails with each a different kind of appreciation for you to select. You can also add your own text and signature:

Heike, I love you for letting him do this this excellent work ! I have donated to get you the flowers you deserve !
Heike, I love you for letting him do this this excellent work ! If I could I would get you flowers ....
Dear Heike, I can't thank you enough for supporting his important work ! Mwa !
Heike, you're the best. Keep up supporting him !
Thank you for letting him work on the Gearing Commander. It's appreciated !
Yeah, well it's OK for me the way it is. So I just want to say thanks for letting him maintain the site.
It's nice but it needs a some more attention. Thanks for sharing his attention !
Hey, go easy on him, he still has a lot of work to do !
Heike, get of his back & get him to work some more on this crappy product, it's no were near what we want.
Dear Heike, get a hobby of your own !
I could not care less about this site. Go and have fun together instead of having him work on this crap !

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