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Below information is not valid anymore and is to be used
by existing Site Supporters of version 5.0 -  6.3 only !

Stand Alone Version and Free e-Manual offer

Because developing and running this site costs a lot of time and also some money for the domain and hosting, you can help to keep it alive by supporting it. Site supporters that donate at least 7.50 or the equivalent in your local currency will also get access to the Stand Alone Version and 1 Free e-Manual !

The Stand Alone Version is a Gearing Commander which you can install on your Windows1 desktop or Windows1  laptop and use it without having an Internet connection. That means you can take it to the race track and do your gearing calculations there as well ! Another advantage of the Stand Alone Version is being able to save your charts (needs Adobe Flash 10 or higher) to as a png, jpg or pdf-file! The Stand Alone version is version 6.2.xxx and will not be updated anymore. To see what is different to the current version, please check 'Versions / What's New' in the Menu. The database for the Stand Alone version (6.2.xxx) however will be updated together with the Online version database.

As an extra bonus for site supporters, you are entitled to 1 (electronic) manual2 of your choice. For every bike I add to the preset database, I try to find some kind of verification for the data I'm being mailed. Mostly I look for an owners manual or service manual on the Internet. This way I have gathered a lot of owner and service manuals. However not all data is verified as I not always can find the right manual. Sometimes I can only find the technical specifications on a web page for a bike, which is enough for me to verify the gearing data. So every site supporter can have 1 e-Manual for their bike or another bike listed in the database when available.

After we receive your donation, we will send you an E-mail with details of how to get access to the Stand Alone  Gearing Commander install page and about the manual you want to receive.

Support the Gearing Commander website and get:

  • Your own (local) Gearing Commander Stand Alone Version click ----->
  • 1 eManual of choice for free,
  • the 'Save graphs locally' option enabled,
  • no annoying ads,
  • to contribute to keeping the Online version alive !

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1) The Stand Alone version needs Google Gears to be installed but unfortunately Google Gears is deprecated and no longer supported by Google. However I do have a Windows installer for Google Gears which only  works with Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7 only) or Firefox 3.6.28 (both Windows 7 and Windows 8.0/1). This means that I can only offer the Stand Alone version to users running Windows. They need to install either Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7 only !) or Firefox 3.6.28 (Windows 7 or 8.0 or 8.1) along side their current default browser.

2) You can choose 1 electronic manual from all database entered bikes. The information I have available varies from an owners manual, a service manual, the technical specifications,  just parts of these or nothing at all for 'Not Verified' bikes. Check the 'History' menu option to find out what I used to verify the entered gearing data. In any case you can choose another bike if you want to. The file will be made available for download or will be e-mailed to you.

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