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Entering all relevant gearing data: Change Custom settings to the ones you are considering

After loading the Stock data using the 'Load Gearing' button, the exact same data is loaded in to the Current and Custom setup fields. In a previous step you should have already changed the Current setup if it is different from Stock.

Now you can start experimenting and enter the data of the setup you are considering !

Lets say I want to revert to the 15 teeth front sprocket and change the rear to 38. That would look like this:

  • Do not forget change the tire dimensions (to 180/55/17) in the Custom fields as well ! (unless you want to go back to 190/50/17 like the stock bike )

  • If you think that your bike revs higher then the Max Power RPM loaded from the database, you can change this RPM by entering a new value directly or use the Up- and Down-buttons beside the field.

    Mind you, there is only one input area for all the gear box ratio. These ratio are used in all 3 setups.

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