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Entering all relevant gearing data:
Load stock gearing data from database

  • Start with the left pull down menu called "Select Bike Brand"

  • In this list you can see the available brands listed. For example "011 - Suzuki" means there are 11 different Suzuki's in the database.

  • Select your brand

  • Use the middle pull down menu called "Select Model" to select your model.

  • Use the right pull down menu called "Select Version/Year." to select the appropriate version.

  • Now click button "Load Gearing". All known stock gearing data is loaded in the top of the page, the calculated results appear in the tables below.
    The same data is loaded in the 'Current' and 'Custom' fields.
    These you will have to alter your self to reflect the current setup and the custom setup you are considering.

  • Now select your Units (either "Imperial = Miles per Hour for speeds and Inches for measures or Metric = Kilometer per hour for speeds and millimeter for measures) by selecting the appropriate option in the 'Select Units' pull down menu.

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