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Entering all relevant data: Saving Personal setups for future loading Only for bikes that are already present in the preset database, you can change (all available) fields and save them in a personal setup cookie for this bike. So this does not work for manually entered data ! Also make sure your Internet browser has cookies enabled and saves them until they expire. This way you can load your bike with all your changes already entered in the fields without having to change them manually every time you use the Gearing Commander. Saving personal setups:
  • Load your bike from the presets
  • Select preferred Units
  • Change Current fields to reflect the current setup of your bike
  • Change Custom fields to reflect the changes you are considering.

  • Now click button 'Save Personal'

A message appears confirming the saving of the personal data:

  • Click the red button to close the message and use the Gearing Commander as usual.

Remember, you can only load this data again when the Gearing Commander cookie is still on your computer ! As soon as you delete your browsers (Gearing Commander) cookies, you won't be able to load this data until you save it again.

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