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Add New Bike to Database: Use manually entered stock data and 2Mail-button to Add New Bike

If your bike is not listed in the database, you can manually enter all data and still use the Gearing Commander. In that case it is a good idea to sent me the data and have me add your bike to the database. To prevent having to enter all data again on the 'Add Bike form', you can copy the data from the main page to this 'Add Bike form'. This only works when you entered all data manually for a not listed bike. When  you select a bike from the database, this copy option is not available. This is how it works:

  • Go to the main page

  • Reset all fields using the 'Reset All' button

  • Fill out all fields as explained here

  • Do not move away from the main page as all your info will be lost...

  • click the   button, all fields will be copied to the 'Add Bike form' to which you will be taken automatically

  • Complete the form

  • click Send

If the '2Mail' button is grayed out , you cannot use it because you selected a bike from the database of which the data you do not have to send me of course.....

To get the button 'going' again use the 'Reset' button and do not select a bike from the presets. Just fill out the fields as described in Enter gearing data manually for a bike not yet in the database and then use the 2Mail button as described here.

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