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Calculate total chain or belt length based on number of chain links or belt teeth and pitch

Based on the number of links and the entered Chain pitch, the theoretical chain length can be calculated and is shown in table "Final drive geometry changes due to sprocket & chain changes:".

For Belt drive bikes the same can be done to calculate the total belt lenght, in this case also the pitch needs to be available and instead of links you need to fill out the numer of teeth of the belt.

This information is not of much use except that it is used to calculate the necessary sprocket distance later on.


Remark: This shown length does not change (except when manually changing pitch or number of links) when changing sprockets ! In this table initialy it is assumed that you keep your current chain (or belt). The length of your current chain (or belt) is used to calculate the new needed sprocket distance (that DOES change when changing sprockets). See next Help page.

Since you do not buy a chain that has 1492 mm of length (or 58,5") but buy a chain that has X-links with pitch Y, the needed chain length is calculated differently later on in the Help files. Just keep reading the next Help pages. But first we will check if we can keep the current chain and just move the rear wheel forward or backwards.

Calculate sprocket distance based on total chain length and sprocket combination

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