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Resulting RPM: Calculate RPM per gear at 50 Mph or Km/h in all 3 setups

Table "RPM differences due to drive train setup changes:" default shows the RPM your bike makes in all gears in all 3 setups at a default speed of either 50 Km/h or 50 Mph, depending on the selected Units.
(So default always 50 regardless of the Units)

It also show the RPM differences between the 3 setups. This is shown in Percent, in the header of the table (here 6.6%):

and in RPM below that in the table per gear.

In this case the Stock bike would do 2637 RPM in 3rd gear at 50 Km/h and 2790 RPM in Current setup.
The Custom setup shows 2821 RPM in the same gear and speed. This is an increase of 184 RPM over stock which is 6.6 %

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