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Charts Usage

Thanks to the Gearing Commander Site Supporters I was able to buy a license for Chart software !
With this software I created 6 different graphs that will help you understand the results in the GC main page better.

Chart usage requirements Online Version
Until version 6.2 of the Gearing Commander you needed to have Adobe Flash installed to be able to use these charts.
As of version 6.3 of the online version the charts have been replaced with full HTML-charts so all (modern) browsers should be able to show the charts, even without having Flash installed !
When using the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 browser you can save the graphs locally (in 3 formats) by right clicking:

Chart usage requirements Stand Alone Version (no longer offered to new sponsors)
The Stand Alone version of the Gearing Commander however will keep using the Flash version of the charts and to be able to use the charts in the Stand Alone version, you will need Adobe Flash 10 or up. For being able to save the charts locally, (free) Adobe Flash version 10 or higher needs to be installed but... As it were the site supporter who paid for the license, they are the only ones who can save the charts locally from their Gearing Commander Stand Alone Version.

Using the graphs is easy, just use the GC normally, that is either fill all gearing data fields yourself or load them from the database. Then change various fields in Custom and Current setup to reflect your current and considered setup. Then click one of the buttons under the result tables that say they lead to a graph. Simple as that !

When clicking one of these buttons you will be taken to a new -empty- page. Empty ? Yes, well initially.
These graphs need to be loaded by clicking a button. So every time you go to a graphs page, you have to load the data for the graph by clicking the "Load-Graph-Data" button.

Also on the graph pages there are Help buttons which open a popup window (so enable pop ups for GC) with some additional info about the involved graph.

In most graphs you can get some additional information on the values by hovering over the graph at intersections of grid lines and data lines like shown here:

You can switch off and on the showing of results in the charts by clicking the Legend values:

To return from the graphs page to the Gearing Commander main page, just use the button "Back to GC Main page" or use the 'Home' option in th main menu.

Information on saving graphs locally is to be found in the Stand Alone Version Help files.

For help on individual graphs, see Speed Graph Help and next pages.


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