Getting Started in 3 easy steps

  1. First 'Select Bike Brand' in left pull down menu, then 'Select Model' in next pull down, then 'Select Version/Year' in the next pull down menu.
  2. Now click the 'Load Gearing' button. All gearing data is loaded and results are calculated and shown below the bike brand logo. Results will be the same in 3 setups.
  3. Now change Current setup fields (yellow) and Custom setup fields (green) to reflect your current and considered gearing settings. Select a field, type new value and press Tab-Key. Results will now be different for updated setup.

After each field change, all results are recalculated automatically. Read the tables for results or click the graph buttons to turn the result tables into graphs.
Detailed information on loading and entering data here.
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Final Drive sprocket changes and their consequences

Below a table containing all possible final drive (Front & Rear sprockets) changes and their results on Speed, Torque and Rear Wheel adjustment. As a rule of thumb, changing the front sprocket with 1 tooth, amounts to the same effect as changing the rear sprocket with 3 teeth in the opposite direction (front +, rear --- and front -, rear +++) . This does not exactly apply to every bike but as a rule of thumb it will do and explains the results in the table below. 

Change Result On
Front Sprocket Rear Sprocket Final Drive Ratio  Speed  Torque Chain/Belt length needed  Rear wheel Adjustment
+1 - 1 down ++++ ---- shorter <->
+1 same down +++ --- longer >- -<
+1 +1 down ++ -- longer >- - - - - - - - <
same - 1 down + - shorter <- - ->
same +1 up - + longer >- - - <
- 1 - 1 up -- ++ shorter <- - - - - - - ->
- 1 same up --- +++ shorter <- ->
- 1 +1 up ---- ++++ longer >-<

Sprockets:        '+1' means adding 1 tooth and a '-1' means removing 1 tooth
Results   :        '+' means the speed (or torque) will go up, '-' means the speed (or torque) will go down
                       Where as '++++' means a 4 time as big affect of course.
Wheel Adjust.: 
<-> means move rear wheel backwards, >-< means move rear wheel forwards
<- - - - - - - -> means move it more than <- -> of course.
                        Rear wheel adjustments  assuming you keep the current chain !

As you can see,  adding a front tooth and keeping the rear unchanged has about 3 times more effect on the speed than removing 1 tooth in the rear and keeping front unchanged. Changing only the rear with 1 tooth does not have a big effect, in combination with also changing the front it can either amplify or weaken the total effect and can be used for fine tuning.

When you change more than just 1 tooth in front and/or rear, the results will increase significantly of course.

The exact increase or decrease for your bike can be calculated using the Gearing Commander tables.

More help on Gearing Basics and the effect of changing tire sizes, see:

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