Discovered an error in the gearing database ?
If so, please let me know !

If you think you found an error in the gearing database, please send me a Database Error Report using the grey button near the bottom of this page. The database only contains all gearing information of a bike, all the results are calculated online and are not in a database. So you can report an error in the gearing data which is located at the top of the GC main page, above the result tables only.

Before I add a new bike to the database I always try to verify the data sent in by the users. Most of the time I can find an owners or service manual on the internet and compare that the data supplied by the requestor.
But sometime a bike is rare or at least the information about it is and I cannot find a source to backup the information. In that case I will mention "NOT VERIFIED" in the list in "Versions/History".

Sometimes it is hard to determine for what year models a service manual is valid for so that way errors sometimes occur. I've also seen differences between data in owners manuals and in service manuals in which case it become very difficult to choose the right one. There are many web sites that display the technical details of motorcycles but most of them are not very accurate and they make a lot of mistakes....

If you found an error, please make sure that:

  • it is about the bikes gearing data, not the results in the tables as they are calculated

  • we are talking about the same bike, watch the year(s) for which the data is valid indicated in the GC database as "(2004)" or "('92-'99)" which means this data is valid for all models from 1992 until and including 1999.

  • we are not talking about a different M.P.RPM. I know you think I should enter the redline RPM but I think in top gear you should use the M.P.RPM. More info on this: M.P.RPM discussion

  • you supply a reliable source for your statement like an internet link to an owners or service manual. Or scan these specific pages from your manual and mail them to me. Don't just say "it is in my manual" as I can not verify it then.

  • you give me a chance to verify and update the information before you mention the error in your favorite forum....

(Opens in GC Main Windows !)