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Adblock policy

As this website started as a hobby project and was never intended to make any money from, it is being offered for free. However, running the site, searching information on bikes to add, adding the bikes and replying to all kind of technical questions costs a lot of time and some money so I decided to add advertisements to it. Besides incidental donations, the main source of income are these ads.

I know these ads can be annoying and even slow down the website loading but bear in mind the service you are using is totaly free. So if you run Adblock software the ads will gradualy generate lesser revenues and at some point I will loose interest in offering it.

When ad block software is detected, it will show in the side frames. These side frames will request you to disable or whitelist the GC-site and will get somewhat annoying. After about 1 minute a mask is placed over the main page preventing you to use it any longer and asking you to do disable the Adblocker. You still have access to rest of the site but using actual calculations on the main page is not possible until you either disable the adblock or at least white list this website.

So please disable you Adblock software or just white-list this website. After you have done so, make sure to reload the main page in order to see both the Gearing Commander website and accompanying advertisements.

How to White list the Gearing Commander web site:

  • Left click the Adblock logo shown in Your browser. (Not this example logo...) 
  • Select 'Disable on gearingcommander.com' to disable it on Gearing Commander only or
  • Select 'Disable everywhere' to completely disable the Adblock on all web sites
  • Reload the Gearing Commander Main page. Some browsers require to be restarted (close and reopen the browser) after white listing.
Please contact me if you still have issues white listing the GC web site in your Adblock program. Please specify browser version and name and version of the Adblock program you are using.

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